Author: The Guy

N for NyarNyakach

Hi please? Luo women, idhi nadi? An bende adhi maber.  Luo women are not to everyone’s taste. They are like this Simple Boy. Who? Exactly. It’s time to take the ….

M for Maybe

Our meetup with Nase was nothing from the romance books. Infact we met when applying for a job position, I guess as interns at a local media agency. She was ….

L for Love

The finest romances have the messiest stories. Not messy as in poorly written; au contraire, a good romance hits all the highest points of storytelling  — the meet, the ecstatic ….

K for Kairitu

Atīrīri… Before I started getting marital advice from TikTok videos of ‘keep her if her name starts with..’, in my heyday I dated a Muthamaki. Mali safi. Wittier than James ….