Love At First Sight

Write about your first crush.

In the realm of fluttering hearts and stolen glances, there exists a memory that forever imprints itself upon the fabric of our souls—the memory of a first crush. Allow me to take you on a journey through time, as I recount the tale of my own enchanting encounter with a girl who captured my heart from the very first moment.

 It was an ordinary day for us but a special one for my cousin, it was his birthday.  Laughter filled the air, and the joyful chatter of friends and family created a symphony of celebration. And then, in the dimly lit room , she arrived. Her entrance was fashionably late, as if orchestrated by fate itself, and my world suddenly shifted.

She was not the kind of girl who would turn heads in a crowd, but there was something about her that made my heart skip a beat.  In that instant, time stood still as my eyes locked with hers. The universe seemed to hold its breath, as if acknowledging the magic that was unfolding before me.

Her big, expressive eyes seemed to invite me to peer into the depths of her soul, revealing a vulnerability and beauty that rendered me speechless. It was as if she carried a world of emotions within her, waiting to be discovered.

One particular detail stood out: a delicate nose ring adorning her face, catching the light and drawing my gaze. It was an emblem of her uniqueness, a subtle hint of rebellion that only added to her captivating allure.  In that moment, I found myself utterly fascinated by her. Her short dress clung to her petite frame, accentuating her curves in all the right ways, a testament to her refined taste and effortless style.

Shyness embraced her like a veil, and she remained quiet throughout the festivities. Yet, in those fleeting moments when she wasn’t aware of my gaze, I stole glances, memorizing the contours of her face, the way her lips curved into a timid smile, and the way her eyes sparkled with hidden dreams. With each stolen glance, my heart skipped a beat, longing for a connection beyond mere sight.

In the midst of the celebration, I found myself daydreaming of moments shared, of stolen conversations and shared laughter. Oh, how I wished for her to be mine, to unravel the mysteries of her heart and to create a symphony of emotions together. But for now, I contented myself with the silent whispers of a first crush, holding tightly to the hope that destiny might weave our paths together again.

Mine is a tale of serendipity and longing, where a single glance ignited a spark that would forever illuminate the corridors of my heart. 

She wasn’t my first but at that moment, I knew she would be my last.


The Guy

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