You will not know how long a night is until you sleep next to a girl who has just denied you your so called ‘right’ to make her legs feeble. My brother you’ll toss and turn all over but sleep will evade you like a plague. The only thing keeping you company will be your thoughts.

Brain Cell 1: Why is she even here?

Brain Cell 2: But we called her over, she was to cook.

Brain cell 1: She has cooked, we’ve eaten, why did she not leave? Aren’t this what are called temptations?

Brain cell 2: Bro, the rain.

Oh damn it! The heavy torrential rains are not making it any easier. The cold has become master and the least you can do is tuck tight under the warm duvets. It’s getting late, you have supper like one little happy family and after everyone has had their fair share of the meal, it’s already 10 o’clock. You vehemently pray for the rain not to seize and the gods are on your side as the heavy droplets keep falling.

Bad or good luck, she spots an umbrella on the door and she gladdens. You’re so angry with yourself for no reason like was it your fault you had an umbrella. She’s not dimming your hopes and you narrate to her how recently there has been an increase in crime rates and the other day, someone was murdered just a few blocks away. At this time of the night? She won’t make it far, kwanza she’s a girl? It’s not worth the risk.

Unwillingly she weighs the options and decides a sleepover it shall be. Unplanned trips are always the best, you say to yourself. Hurriedly before she changes her mind, you lock the door and you sit back on the bed for dinner to serve itself. That moment she gets rid if her bra and places it just an arms stretch away, desire begins to boil in you. She removes the belt she had, and you’re smiling. At least she’s made things easier. Carefully, she removes her earrings and places them on the adjacent stool nearby. What’s taking her too long? Anyway, you have a whole night with her, you can be patient.

She slides in the duvet and carries along her fragrance. As morally crippled as you are, no that’s a harsh one. As human as you are, you hold her waist but she jerks away and withdraws it fast.

She’s not in the mood and just switched on to the ‘non-nonsense’ mode. The spell still hits and tonight is not the night you’ll get to clean your rusty shaft. Then you’ll know how long that night was. In the morning as she’s leaving the bed, you want to slam the door behind her then you realize you have a curtain as your bedroom door.

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